Assistance based on experience and solid expertise

The roots of Talco companies date back to 1989, when Talco Lasse Talsi Ky was founded in Kotka. Talco Knowhow Oy, an affiliated company specialising in financial administration and accounting services, was founded some time later. As a certified accounting firm we provide professional assistance to companies of all sizes in e.g. accounting, auditing, preparation of financial statements, reorganisation, and calculation of wages. We also have solid expertise in the special needs of foreign companies. Our services are available in Finnish, English, and Russian.

Examples of the operating fields of our customers:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Care

  • Vehicle inspection
  • Management and rental of properties

  • Transportation
  • Sports and wellbeing

  • Logistics
  • HVAC     

  • Import
  • Forest industry

  • Programme production
  • Construction

  • Restaurants and cafés
  • Electrical engineering

  • Information technology
  • Environmental technology


PrimeGlobal is one of the world's largest associations of private auditing and accounting firms. We function as part of this entity, providing our customers with reliable connections all over the world to help organise their financial management and create new business operations.

The association was first established in 1977. The present PrimeGlobal model was created in 2011 when three associations of accounting firms were merged into one (Polaris International, Fidunion International, and IGAF Worldwide). At the present time, the association brings together over 300 companies in 90 countries. This provides a strong basis for the success of the member companies and their customers all over the world.