Personal service

We tailor a service package for each customer company, based on their specific needs. Electronic systems may enable the automatization of various phases, but they can never replace skilled financial administration professionals. In addition to routine tasks, we offer a personal service and advising.

Accounting services

We plan and implement efficient accounting services for your company, using the most advanced software in the sector. The accountant appointed specifically for your company will ensure that the accounting is always completed correctly and in a timely fashion.

Calculation of wages

A smooth payroll administration process is a vital part of efficient business operations. Our competent payroll team manages the calculation of wages for thousands of people every month, accurately and reliably.

Electronic services

Modern electronic tools enable a new way of doing things. You can manage and monitor the situation of your company, regardless of the time and place. Having the sale and purchase invoices, payment of bills, and account management in the same system enhances the efficiency of financial administration, generating both efficiency and savings. 

Auditing services

Our auditing services include the auditing of the accounts, financial statements, and administration. We also audit consolidated financial statements and the mutual relations between group communities and foundations. The service includes an auditors' report prepared of the audit. 

Reorganisation services

We provide professional assistance in all situations related to corporate reorganisation, such as founding a company, changing the form of the company, changes of generation, and transaction processes.

Taxation consultancy services

Our experts provide personal and up-to-date taxation consultancy and advising services. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge to support efficient tax planning.